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Mailbag: Cowboys' Front Office Structure? Lucky Whitehead's Role?

With the exception of the Chaz Green pick last year, I've been really impressed with the Cowboys' last three drafts.  It's my understanding that coincides with the Cowboys giving Will McClay more say in the draft room.  He seems to be a pretty good talent evaluator.  Do you think Stephen Jones has promised him the future GM role with the Cowboys in order to retain him?

Bryan: Stephen Jones hasn't promised Will anything. If he is going to become a GM it is likely that it is going to come from another team. In my opinion, the structure of this organization in the front office will not change as long as the Jones family owns the team. It is a plan they feel comfortable with and will continue to operate in that fashion.

David:Will McClay has gotten a ton of credit from those that follow the league for his role in the Cowboys' decision-making – and rightfully so. But I have a hard time believing he'll ever be the general manager for this club. I'd reserve that for Jerry or Stephen Jones. That's why I think, at some point, someone else will come calling for McClay's services, and the Cowboys will have some decisions to make.

Why don't the Cowboys use Lucky Whitehead as more of a downfield threat instead of the bubble screens?  He has good speed and has proven to be elusive in the open field.

Bryan: I have seen people compare him to DeSean Jackson and that's just not the case. Whitehead is limited in his physical make up, which in turn limits him down the field. His true strength is getting the ball to him quickly, which allows him to be effective in the open field. I like the way they are trying to use Whitehead – where they need to develop a downfield threat is with Brice Butler but he has to find a way to stay healthy first.

David:Consider Whitehead's makeup to the two guys who typically line up outside for the Cowboys – Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams – and I think it helps you answer the question. I'm not convinced he's got the size or physicality to match up with the big corners teams are moving outside these days. On top of that, I'd think the Cowboys are reluctant to move their established guys away from the places they excel. I will say that I think Whitehead deserves an opportunity at a larger role this year, though.


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