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Mailbag: Cowboys In The Olympics? McFadden's Role On Special Teams?


With all the talk about the Olympics and especially talks about who from the NBA is going to go win us some more gold. It had me wondering. While I know we are decades from our style of football going international to where other countries could put up competitive teams. I couldn't help but wonder if football was international now, who from this Cowboys team do you believe would be honestly good enough to make the USA team, over the other 31 team's options? Hope you guys have fun with this one.*

Bryan:Thank you for a really good question. I am going to say that Team USA could use the services of Tyron Smith and Zack Martin as starters with Sean Lee as the All-American backup linebacker. Smith and Martin are two of the best players in the league regardless of their position so they make perfect sense. Lee is my "Go-To" heart of the squad. He is so serious and prideful about his job that he would make the others around him feel the same way. He is what America is all about.

David:Let's get the obvious part out of the way. Tyron Smith and Zack Martin are two of the game's youngest, most talented offensive linemen and belong in the starting lineup. That's almost a given, in my opinion. But you know what would be really fun in this hypothetical future where the rest of the world is competitive at football? I'd send Dan Bailey to the Olympics as the game's most consistent, most clutch kicker. Imagine Bailey crushing a 49-yard field goal to defeat Germany in the gold medal game. Sign me up. I want to put Dez Bryant on this team, but there's just so many amazing receivers in the league right now. I'd have him on standby in case Julio Jones, Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham pulls out of the competition.

What special teams role would Darren McFadden have? I would assume being down the chart makes that a must. He was a good returner in college. He could provide some leadership as well. Your thoughts?

Bryan:Well right down he's not down the depth chart. He is splitting reps with Elliott with the first offense and has been since these practices have begun. His special teams value at this point is as a kickoff returner which he worked at in 2015. If you wanted to play him at other positions, he is smart and blocks well enough to be a personal protector on the punt team.

David:McFadden's versatility is part of the reason why I'm curious about how training camp is going to go for him. He's got experience as a kick returner, but it's unlikely you're going to see him covering punts or kicks or anything of that nature. He's got to prove he's more useful than Darius Jackson, who may be able to fill a variety of special teams spots.

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