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Mailbag: Cowboys' Interest In Stephen Tulloch? Taking Risks With Personnel?

So it was just a matter of time until you got this question so here it is: With our linebacker depth severely lacking do you think the Cowboys will take a look at Stephen Tulloch? He does have the veteran experience they are looking for and was productive when on the field for the Lions.

Bryan: They are working on other names, but Stephen Tulloch is not one of them. Age, injury and the fact that he has become a two-down player doesn't interest them.

David:Despite the Rolando McClain suspension, I have my doubts the front office is going to be in a rush to do anything about it. We always hear about how excited the coaches are about their young players. On top of that, I don't think there are many obvious upgrades over what's currently on hand – and that includes Tulloch.

We hear a lot about players having to buy into what the coaching staff is trying to do. I love the direction the team has gone over the past few years. With that being said, are these suspensions a reflection on this coaching staff or can these guys just not get out of their own way?

Bryan:The biggest fear of a coaching staff is what happens off the field. They can only control these players so much but with that being said – how they evaluate these players in the future with questionable character flaws needs to be reviewed going forward.

David:I'm not going to blame the coaching staff for the stupid decisions that adult professionals make during their down time. This isn't high school or college, and coaches can't be expected to be on top of what grown men are doing during an eight-month offseason. Having said that, the risks the Cowboys have been taking on the personnel front haven't been working out these past few years. It might be time for them to re-consider some of the gambles they're willing to make.


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