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Mailbag: Cowboys' Play Calling On The Goal Line? Grading The O-Line?

Being at the Giants' 3-yard line and not giving trust to your strength with the O-Line and Zeke? I understand that the Giants expected that, and that Dez on the outside is also a good option. But I was worried that this could have been a costly mistake, which comes back to bite you, coming away with only three point there. Your thoughts on that?

Bryan: I don't have any problems with your thinking, but after watching the tape, Prescott missed Bryant on what would have been a touchdown. They got Landon Collins to bite on the play fake and Bryant was inside with perfect position. A good throw would have killed our concerns. 

David:I'm not going to criticize the play calling too much, because I know it's incredibly hard to run the ball in the NFL – especially when the defense knows it's coming. But isn't that why you invested all this money in the offensive line and the running back? That's the strength of your team. There's something to be said for not being predictable, but I thought it was a mistake to not even give Zeke a touch.

What is the overall assessment of the offensive line after Game 1? I think they played outstanding for having the big concerns about Collins at right tackle and Chaz playing left guard. This is a top 3 D-Line in the NFL, in my opinion.

Bryan: I liked what I saw from the line, as well. Green wasn't a liability and Collins more than held his own. It appeared during the game that Frederick had a ton of problems with Harrison, but that really wasn't the case. Harrison did beat him up the field a couple of different times but that was mainly due to Harrison's alignment. The one sack by Vernon was a confusing play. Martin let him go to get out of the screen, but I don't know why Prescott didn't execute the call? He tried to look at Bryant, who wasn't ready for the ball. 

David:Against such a talented defensive line, I thought they looked fantastic. La'el Collins had one flag, but he held his own against a Pro Bowl pass rusher. Dak was only sacked once, and the Cowboys averaged 4.2 yards per carry as a team. That's a great start, in my mind.

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