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Mailbag: Cowboys' Record With Kellen Moore? Coach Of The Year Candidates?

We've obviously seen the tremendous success that Dak Prescott has had to start the year. Do you believe the Cowboys would have a similar record if Kellen Moore were the starting QB?

Bryan: Pretty simple. I don't believe so. Prescott has made plays mobility wise that Moore couldn't. The offense has a different element with Prescott at quarterback, which has made a difference. 

David:It's funny because I often said during the offseason that keeping Kellen Moore and drafting Dak wasn't enough to solidify the backup quarterback spot in 2016. I wanted Matt Moore or Nick Foles. Obviously, I did not see the Dak Revolution coming so early in his career. But anyway, no – I don't think this team would be doing as well with Moore. I think they'd be better than they were in 2015, under Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel – but I'd probably put their record at 2-4.

Jason Garrett, Bill Belichick, Mike Zimmer, or other. Your vote for Coach of the Half-year.

Bryan: I would have to say Garrett. All these coaches have one thing in common- they all have played without their starting quarterback for part of the season. New England got their starter back and Minnesota has defense. Garrett is winning games with a rookie and a defense that creates no pressure. 

David:You can make a great case for all three, but I'd probably go with Zimmer. At least Jason Garrett and Bill Belichick had time to prepare for their starting quarterback's absence. Zimmer lost Teddy Bridgewater on the eve of the regular season, and then he lost his All-Pro running back – the focal point of his offense – in Week 2. They haven't just managed those losses, they've thrived in spite of them. Even after Sunday's ugly loss to Philadelphia, they're still 5-1. That's pretty amazing.

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