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Mailbag: Current Cowboys With HOF Potential? Guessing At The Starting OL?

Enough with all the preseason predictions ad nauseum.  How about another prediction?  Jason Witten is a sure-fire Hall Of Famer, I think Dez Bryant is on his way too.  Who else currently on the Cowboys' roster could you see donning the golden jacket some day?

Bryan: Zack Martin has have a pretty good shot, as does Travis Frederick. Multiple All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors always seem to get players in. 

David:I'll throw in Tyron Smith as a solid possibility. He has started 95 of 99 possible games since he was drafted, earning four Pro Bowl nods and four All-Pro selections – two first-team and two second-team. And even with all of those accolades, he is just 26 years old. If he can continue to play at this level, he'll have quite a resume by the time he's ready to call it a career.

In regard to the offensive line shuffle, which seems likelier at this point: A) La'el Collins moves to RT and Jonathan Cooper (or someone else) starts at LG; B) Collins stays home at LG and Bell or Green grabs the starting job at RT?

Bryan: I love this question. I am going to say "B." I think, when it's all said and done, that Green will play well in the preseason and it will force Collins to stay at guard. I know folks don't trust Green, but I am going to say that things turn around for him health-wise this season. 

David:It's entirely possible that Cooper regains the form that made him a first-round draft pick in 2013, but I need to see it to believe it. I know that La'el Collins can handle himself quite well at guard, and I know that Chaz Green is a decent right tackle when he's healthy. By the time September rolls around, I think that'll play out on the field. I'm thinking the starting line is Tyron-Collins-Frederick-Martin-Green for Week 1 against the Giants.

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