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Mailbag: Dak Prescott's Leadership Skills? Tapper's Role In The Pass Rush?


On the heels of his first performance, I'm curious how Dak's chemistry is growing with the other players? I think an important trait of a good quarterback is he has the trust of his teammates and those players will rally around him throughout the course of a game. Are you seeing this with Dak and the rest of the team?

Rob: Well, Dez Bryant's comment after the Rams game sums it up: "I think the best thing about Dak is that he is extremely calm. It's like he's been here before. He's not playing like a rookie." Leadership might have been Prescott's best quality at Mississippi State. He can take command of a huddle. The biggest factor for him will be continuing to gain a comfort level under center and making quick, sound decisions with the ball. If he's the backup quarterback this season, and if he's ever called to play, defenses will game plan for him and surely try to give him a bunch of different looks.

Bryan:On the field it appears to be OK. Veterans are trying to help him the best they can by making plays: Alfred Morris, Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley just to name a few. His personality is that of a leader so I don't believe you will see any issues of not gaining the trust of his teammates. 


Where was Charles Tapper in the Rams game? I thought there were pretty decent expectations for him, but didn't notice him on the field. Has he fallen out of favor already?

Rob: Tapper was held out of the game with a sore back that started bothering him a day or two before the game. Until that point, he had shown flashes of quickness as an edge rusher. When healthy, he's got a chance to be part of the rotation playing several snaps a game. But I think Benson Mayowa and David Irving very well could be the starting ends in Week 1, barring injury.

Bryan:Charles Tapper had lower back tightness before the game and was unable to play. Tapper will make this team, no question, because he's a draft pick but it's a shame that he hasn't shown them very much when he played, to be honest. 

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