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Mailbag: Dak's Comfort With The Playbook? Chaz Green's Development?

Just wondering how Dak is grasping the playbook to this point? Does he have the whole playbook at his disposal for the coaching staff to game plan to attack the Giants with, or will it be plays geared towards his comfort level?

Bryan:I don't see Scott Linehan holding back here. He's had the whole preseason to get an idea what Prescott can do and is comfortable doing. There is no reason for them not to attack these defenses because of the weapons they have and ability of the quarterback. 

David:Based on what I know about Dak, there's no doubt in my mind that he knows the playbook, front-to-back. I doubt the Cowboys are worried about calling something he doesn't know. Having said that, I assume they've put together a selection of plays he feels more comfortable with. It's all about putting him in a good position.

I feel like a lot of people are being overly critical of Chaz Green. They seem to expect a first round talent out of him. Isn't he basically still a rookie after sitting out all of last year? Based on how rookies normally perform, how would you rate him right now?

Bryan:I think Green improved as training camp went on, but there still is some room. He wasn't terrible when he had to fill in for Tyron Smith in those games and he has a better understanding of where he needs to be both mentally and physically in order to play in these games. That to me was his biggest hurdle. 

David:The biggest thing working against Chaz Green is that all the other big-time talents on this offensive line have stepped in and excelled right away. You're absolutely right that he's basically a rookie, and I think he's been just fine for a guy who was taken late in the third round. But the expectations are going to be high for this line. On top of that, it's troubling when you think of how much short-yardage and goal line situations troubled this team in 2015. Hopefully Green can help improve that.


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