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Mailbag: Dak's Development In Year 2? Concerned About Tight End Depth?

It's only OTA's but what can you guys see from Dak at a developmental standpoint? Is he making strides? Should we expect him to have as good a year like last year if not better? Is it fair to expect him getting better this year, not necessarily statistically?

Bryan: He's throwing from the pocket more. Had a better practice this past Wednesday than last week at this time. More accurate with his throws. I don't believe that he will ever be a great practice player, but as long as he plays well in the games, that's all this team needs.

David:That's the crazy thing about Dak's trajectory. He's only in his second season, but he has to get better. The Cowboys have pushed all their chips behind him, and he no longer has the luxury of youth or inexperience. Fortunately, everything about the way he handles himself gives me a lot of confidence that he will improve. He might not have as good of a year statistically, but I do think he'll be a better quarterback in 2017.

Gary Barnidge Is just two seasons removed from a pro bowl season and that was in Cleveland. With our TEs (after Witten of course) not really establishing consistency, can you see them bringing him in and trying to get a New England-like feel with 2 TEs that can put points on the board and are legitimate red zone threats?

Bryan: I don't see them going that route with Barnidge. They will continue to work on the health of James Hanna and Geoff Swaim plus get Rico Gathers ready. I get the feeling that they're comfortable with these guys.  

David:The tight ends do give me some pause, simply because the Cowboys have so few options right now. But they're not going to add a guy right now – that's not typically how they operate. If James Hanna or Geoff Swaim's recovery doesn't go as well as expected, maybe we'll see them add a guy in August. But I don't think it's something they're worried about just yet.

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