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Mailbag: Dak & Zeke's Chance For NFL MVP? Gregory's Availability?

Because both were so good at their positions in 2014, some say Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray canceled themselves out in the MVP race and neither won it. Do you see similarities in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott this season, or is there actually someone that's spearheading the group, in y'all's opinion?

Bryan: It's always difficult for non-quarterbacks to win the league MVP, so I think that's the biggest problem facing Ezekiel Elliott. His hope has to be that voters want to go against the norm and cast their votes for him. Elliott is certain deserving of the honor in comparison to guys like Tom Brady and Matt Ryan.

David:If there's one thing working in either of their favor, it's how consistently good they've been throughout the season. Aaron Rodgers is on fire, but the Packers struggled through the first eight weeks of the year. Tom Brady has been amazing, but he served a month-long suspension. Dak and Zeke have been phenomenal, with very few down weeks, going all the way back to September. I'm not sure that's enough for two rookies to unseat two likely Hall of Famers, but it's remarkable that they're in the conversation.


I have read about the uncertainty of Randy Gregory being able to play in the postseason, but have yet to hear an explanation as to why that might be.  Can you shed some light on that? 

Bryan: When Jerry Jones floated the idea after the Lions game it got all of our attention. The more we try to dig -- the less we find out. The underlining feeling is that there is a missed test that is in question and is that a Gregory or league problem? No one is really saying for sure and that is why we don't know any more.  

David:I think the problem stems from the fact that it's unusual to have a player come off a suspension, and then potentially face a new suspension, right before the playoffs. If it was September, I think Randy Gregory would probably be free to play while the NFL figured things out. But the league probably doesn't want a player with pending disciplinary issues playing on the biggest stage in the playoffs. If they make some kind of quick ruling, I think that will be why. It's just another example of how the NFL seems make stuff up as it goes.

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