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Mailbag: Darkhorse Roster Candidates? Too Few Touches To Spread Around?

I know it's early, but who are some dark horse candidates to make the team this year after watching some practices? Someone who was maybe drafted late in this year's draft or someone who was picked up via free agency.

Bryan:Noah Brown and Marquez White have shown up for the late draft selections. Lewis Neal undrafted has been getting snaps with both the first and second units. 

David:The suspensions at defensive end are going to open the door for a young guy to earn a roster spot – if he can prove he's up to it. Lenny Jones is a guy I've got my eye on in that regard, and Lewis Neal is another name worth watching. He plays defensive tackle, but he's been impressive enough that he might play his way into the mix.

With our potentially explosive offense, which one of our high profile players do you think won't meet expectations to produce? Do you foresee maybe Dez or Beasley not putting up numbers because of all the options we have? I see it as a problem with regard to how we are paying them.

Bryan:I am starting to believe that, with this running game, that Dez Bryant's numbers will never be like the other top receivers in this league. The funny thing is that Dez has accepted this as a possibility. I never look at how much a player makes in regards to his production. Players have earned that money so I accept that as part of the deal. 

David:With the way this team runs the ball, I think it's only logical to assume that some passing numbers are going to take a dip. But here's the thing: nobody's going to care about that if the Cowboys are winning. Dez Bryant is well aware that he's not playing in a pass-happy offense, but neither he nor anyone else is going to complain about stats or contracts if this team gets back to the playoffs.

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