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Mailbag: David Irving's Potential? No Need For A Pass Rusher?

After watching more film, I think David Irving can be an impact starting LDE with the ability to kick inside. Do you think 8-10 sacks is possible?

Bryan: The only thing holding David Irving back is his consistency. He can't be great for a game then a non-factor the next four. He appears to be taking coaching better and that will improve his technique -- which would likely lead to more sacks. I would be happy if he had 5-7. did a really interesting re-do of the 2015 NFL Draft, and Lance Zierlein drafted Irving No. 12 overall. Even with as much potential as Irving has, I thought that was shocking – though it's a fun indicator of what his ceiling could be. I'm hopeful he can seize a starting job this year. I hesitate to put a number on his production, but he could be scary if he ties it all together.

Is the talent at defensive end in the draft that much superior to the talent we already have on the roster? I think the Cowboys should be only looking at secondary the first two days. Let Irving, Tapper, Mayowa, Lawrence and crew along with a possible late round pick rotate as Marinelli likes to do. Am I wrong?

Bryan: Takk McKinley, Charles Harris and T.J. Watt would all be upgrades to currently what they have. As good as these corners and safeties are in this draft -- I am still looking at one of these ends. Too good to pass up. 

David:I've been saying all spring that I wonder how much better the 28th overall pick would be than the guys that are already on this roster – DeMarcus Lawrence was the No. 34 pick, if you'll remember. So I see your point. I think cornerback is the more pressing need. But if the right opportunity crops up, there's nothing wrong with bolstering the talent on the defensive line.


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