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Mailbag: Dealing With The Short Week? Will Turbin's Role Increase?


Everyone is worried about the quick turnaround for Thanksgiving Day based on last year for Tony Romo. Although, I bet the team didn't get back until 6am (night game in NY) last year and basically lost all prep on Monday. This year the team was back by 8pm and can get a full night's rest and that additional day of game prep. I think that will be huge this year - thoughts?*

Bryan: You make sense. What I do believe is that Carolina is a better opponent and regardless of rest or no rest this game is going to be difficult. There are several spots where they do not match up well against the Panthers – that's a bigger worry.

David:First of all, that's a really thoughtful question, and I think you make a good point. What concerns me more isn't the amount of game prep, though. It's Romo's recovery time. I'm not worried about his collarbone, but we've seen how hard a short week can be on his back. That's something he's going to have to fight through, and we'll see how well he handles it.


Turbin seems to be the big, dirty yards back we've been looking for. Do you see him sharing even more of the carries this Thanksgiving to give McFadden a break on this short week?

Bryan: Coaches and teammates really like him. Even though he has been here just a week now – there is a lot of trust there and I believe you are right that we will see him get more opportunities.

David:I have never seen a guy integrate himself into a team so seamlessly and so quickly. He's a fantastic change of pace, and he's certainly a good bet to get goal line and short yardage carries. I would guess his role only increases as we go forward.

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