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Mailbag: Debating The Case For McClain's Future? LBs Of The Past?

I get it.  When I first heard the news about McClain's suspension, first words out of my mouth were 'cut him'.  But now, I'm leaning towards, 'let it be'.  Cutting him now won't help the Cowboys much, salary cap wise. Knowing that he won't be around next year, why not just let him serve his 10 suspension and have him available for the final few games of regular season and into the playoffs, if they make it?  R. McClain CAN be a difference maker, if he wants to be.

Bryan: I shared your exact thought. Then I came to realization that with McClain here, the team they could work him in shape. He is not going to cost you a roster stop, nor any money. You could use him as an insurance policy the last six weeks of the season if there is a need. You let him go now you, lose that option and that's a route as a personnel man I don't want to go.   

David:My biggest concern with Rolando is that I don't think it'd be fair for him to take away practice reps from the guys that need them. Anthony Hitchens and Andrew Gachkar need to be getting the first-team reps – and even the second-team reps. It doesn't make sense to waste valuable training camp snaps on a guy who has proven he isn't dependable and won't be available until Thanksgiving. If the Cowboys want to keep Rolando at the back of the depth chart while he works his way into shape, I don't see a problem with it. He doesn't count toward the salary cap or the active roster while he's suspended.

All this business with finding someone to replace Rolando McClain reminded me of a linebacker the Cowboys lost to injury a couple of years ago - DeVonte Holloman. I thought he had a bright future ahead of him, and he seemed to make plays when he got the opportunity. Sadly, he's not an option now, but do you guys think he could have developed into at least an average starting MLB for the Cowboys?

Bryan: I thought that DeVonte Holloman could have been better than an average starter. He was athletic, had a nose for the ball and had the ability to finish. It really was a shame that he had his career cut short. Your hope is that guys like Damien Wilson and Mark Nzeocha could develop the same way.

David:I don't think Holloman played long enough to give us a true indication of how good he was going to be, but he certainly showed flashes of game-breaking ability. I'll never forget his pick-six of Matt Moore in the 2013 Hall of Fame Game, considering that was my first game covering the team.


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