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Mailbag: Decision-Making Process On Romo? Kavon Frazier's Development?

With the handwriting on the wall that Tony Romo will not be a Cowboy next season (though I wish he had a chance to compete for his job back), do you think he still has the juice that he can lead a team to a Super Bowl given the right kind of situation -- say a Houston, Denver, or Kansas City? If he were to do that, do you think Garrett, Wilson, Linehan, McClay, etc., would have any regrets if Romo did and they didn't get there with Dak? Or is it pretty easy for coaches and front office people to never look back from decisions they've made?

Bryan: You make a decision and you move on. They did it with Ware and they will do it with Romo. 

David:Bryan just gave you the stock answer that you'll get from Football People. Jason Garrett and other Football People love to tell you that they're focused on what's next. And obviously the Cowboys would ultimately be happy for Tony Romo if he won a championship after such a hard-fought career. But you're kidding yourself if you don't think it would also sting. That's the beauty of the business. You have to make your best-informed decision and live with the results.

I know last year Kevon Frazier was inactive most of the season, but the team seemed really high on him in the draft. What have you seen from him in practices and do you think he could make the leap into being the starter or a capable backup in the rotation.

Bryan: Scouts were disappointed that he didn't get more of a shot, but that was due to all the safeties playing well. He will get a shot this summer to see if he can win a job, but I also expect them to draft a safety, as well. 

*David: *We ran a piece on Tuesday night about guys who might take a leap forward in 2017. We didn't mention Frazier, but he's certainly on that list. The Cowboys liked him a lot last spring, and he showed some flashes of ability in the preseason – not to mention as a special teamer during the regular season. I'm not expecting him to win a starting job right off the bat, but he'll have his chance to show how far he's come. If the Cowboys opt not to re-sign their veteran safeties, Frazier's presence might be part of the reason why.


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