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Mailbag: Decision To Cut Corey White? Whose Role Improves With Romo Back?

What was behind the decision to cut Corey White? With the uncertainty around Mo I would think they need the extra DB.

Nick: Sometimes it just comes down to performance. They obviously didn't get enough from White and were probably seeing better things in practice from some of the other guys. It sounds like this Deji Olatoye was doing nice things on the practice squad and it appears he's going to get his shot. I can't say I wasn't surprised by the move with White. But at this point in the season, no one should feel that safe with their spot.

David:I honestly agree with you completely. It seems like a safe bet to say Claiborne isn't going to play this weekend, which you'd assume means all hands on deck. White has been inactive for two straight weeks, but he still showed some capability. I think that, perhaps in the middle of a seven-game losing streak, the coaching staff simply decided to churn the roster and hope for the best.

With Tony Romo coming back, who will take on the Lance Dunbar role? Will it be that kid they signed from Washington? Tony Romo will need that Lance Dunbar type of player, I hope they don't do away with that option.

Nick:I don't think it's that easy to say someone will just have that role. Dunbar has been here three seasons now and it took him a couple of years to develop. I don't think you just plug in Trey Williams and let him go. You might not have another choice, but to expect the same production as Dunbar would be naïve. Now, Robert Turbin has a little experience catching the ball out of the backfield, too. Once he's ready he could provide some of that as well.

David:Trey Williams is the obvious thought, but I'd need to see it to believe it – it tends to take players time to acclimate into Scott Linehan's offense. If anything, I'd hope that Cole Beasley can find a more consistent role with Romo back, and I'm also curious to see what it means for Lucky Whitehead.

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