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Mailbag: Decision To Start Collins? Running More Pick Routes?


Was the decision to replace Leary more about what he didn't do or what Collins did do?*

Bryan: There was no question that Leary was struggling now, whether that was playing ability or injury – that will not likely come out until later. I have always been a Leary fan and from the word go I had a feeling that Collins would struggle to beat him out. The sign for the coaches had to be when Leary started showing signs of getting over-powered at the point and poor block position that a change was likely going to be made. Is Collins ready? He has shown some quality play, but I would also be ready for a break down or two.   

David:Leary isn't the type to make excuses, but I have at least some doubts that he's completely healthy. It was bizarre to see him get straight-up overpowered the way he did. If this line wasn't so deep, I doubt he'd be getting replaced – but the Cowboys have a top 10 talent waiting in the wings. There'll be some growing pains, but I'm pretty confident Collins can plug in just fine.


The NFL is a copycat league. In the Cowboys' game vs. the Patriots, most of the Patriots routes were wide-outs crossing or pick routes; with the problem the Cowboys receivers are having getting separation and winning one on one battles, why not run more of those type routes?

Bryan: They do run those types of routes and when Tony Romo is in the game – you see them complete them. I will say this, the Patriots did a great job of taking away those underneath routes to Beasley by dropping defenders into position to cut him off.

David:Not to sound like a broken record, but I think it's more than just the type of routes being run. It helped Julian Edelman that the Cowboys were focusing a ton of attention on Dion Lewis and Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots took Weeden's top options away, and there wasn't anyone else he was able to turn to.

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