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Mailbag: Deepest Positions In The Draft? This Team's Biggest Need?

You guys had the Calvin Ridley/D.J. Moore debate on the draft show. While I love both players, I feel like the Cowboys may look at it like DE/CB last year. The second round CB's were stacked. Knowing there are a ton of WR's in Round 2, I could see us drafting a position with little draft depth knowing a solid WR will be there in the second.

Bryan: You make a lot of sense of taking that approach. Me personally, I'd draft the receiver now despite the depth at the position. Ridley and Moore are first round players on my board so if I have the chance I am grabbing that guy. 

David: That's a really good point and it's something worth keeping in mind. There are a lot of talented receivers in this draft, and they should be able to find a good one in the third or even the fourth round. They might be better off taking a hard look at a thinner position, such as linebacker.

Let's imagine if the draft was only one round and the player taken would be the only addition to the team for the 2018 season. What position would you draft?

Bryan: I am trying to help my quarterback. Give me the guard. I understand the line is a strength of this team but when this club was winning 13 games a lot came through that line. I truly believe that you fix that guard spot, this offense gets back on track. 

David:It's hard to answer before free agency, but if it's not guard then I would draft a linebacker. Injuries among the linebackers decimated this defense last year. If I can add some young talent to this unit, I think it'd go a long way.

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