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Mailbag: DeMarcus Lawrence's Case For DPOY? Romo & Deion's Feud?


It seems like every season a contender for Defensive Player of the Year is a productive pass rusher. DeMarcus Lawrence has led the league for most of the season in sacks and currently a sack away from leading. I have *not heard analysts talk about him being a consideration for DPOY. I think he's done enough to at least be in the conversation. Why are our pass rushers not getting any love?*

Bryan:That's a really good question. I think where you will see the love for those pass rushers is when we're in the home stretch for these playoff spots when games come down to getting quarterbacks on the ground to finish these games. That's when we'll hear about those guys when the chips are on the table.

David:Those national awards are so much about name recognition, and Lawrence just hasn't been a well-known player in this league up until now. On top of that, it probably matters a little bit that this isn't a dominating defense – merely a solid one. But, the nice thing is that you can't argue with stats. If D-Law keeps this up and finishes the season with 16 or more sacks, he will certainly be in the conversation.


I know this has nothing to do with inside the lines.  However, I just wanted your thoughts regarding Deion's response to what Tony Romo mentioned during the broadcast of Sunday's game. Personally, I thought he was way out of line.

Bryan:We all love drama and that's what that was all about. Sanders has his job on the NFL Network because of his willingness to say anything. What both he and Romo said doesn't surprise me one bit to be honest. It's the world in which we now live in on the media side

David:Yeah, I pretty much agree. Romo's comment during the game was a light-hearted jab about something that Deion has admitted before. Deion's comments were much more mean-spirited and over-the-top – but then, he did say he doesn't know how to take the high road. I get the feeling that those guys have had a bit of a feud for much longer than just this one week, though. It definitely makes for good entertainment for us.

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