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Mailbag: Determining A Backup QB? How Many RBs Make The Cut?

So, in reading the tea leaves, it appears the decision has been made to keep 3 QBs. If the Cowboys even play this last preseason game, is it an all-out final competition for the No. 2 job, and what is the time split? Do they let Rush and Moore each play a half and the best man wins?

Bryan: No reading, the general manager came out this morning and said they're keeping all three. I could see that each of them would play a half and evaluate from there. The level of player around them should be the same so no one in my opinion has a real advantage. 

David:I'm curious about this. Cooper Rush has clearly outplayed Moore to this point in the preseason, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Kellen Moore still has the confidence of this coaching staff. As long as Moore looks passable against the Texans, I still kind of think he'll be the backup.

What are the odds Dallas keeps four running backs? Does Ronnie Hillman make the final cut?

Bryan: I don't see them keeping Hillman. He really hasn't done enough to make me feel that he deserved a roster spot. If you're going to keep four, you might as well wait and see who gets released. There might be a better player. 

David:If we're including fullback in this list, then I absolutely think they'll keep four. I was really encouraged by what I saw from Hillman, but I don't know that it was enough to earn him a roster spot. I imagine that they're going to roll with Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris, Rod Smith and Keith Smith. If Ezekiel Elliott is available for some reason, I would guess they'll keep five.

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