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Mailbag: Determining QB Playing Time? Settling The Left Guard Battle?

Will Cooper Rush start the final preseason game?  We know what we have in Moore.  To be fair, he did miss last year to injury.

Bryan: I believe the plan is for him to play that final preseason game, but nobody has confirmed that yet. They could use Luke McCown if they didn't want to expose Rush. But given the fact that he's already played well in three games, it might be a moot point. 

David:If it were up to me, I'd find a way to play him as much as possible over the next two games. I'd give him a quarter or two against the Raiders, and I'd give him the whole game against the Texans. He has played too well to try to hide him at this point, so you might as well see what all he's got. The only way to find out if he's truly worth a 53-man roster spot is to let him play and see if he can maintain this high level of play.

With the offensive line anchored by three perennial Pro Bowlers, how big of a concern is the fact that the left guard position still doesn't seem to have a front runner as a candidate for the job? I feel that with the likes of Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zack Martin that they are not going to let the guy next to them fail and whomever will improve as the season goes on. After all, these guys sit on the bench the same way they line up.

Bryan: I have a feeling that the competition is coming to a close. Jonathan Cooper is likely going to get the nod. They don't want to carry this out any further and that makes sense for the unit. Cooper has been a better guard than Green, but that's okay because he's done a nice job playing tackle. 

David:I've gone on record as saying I'd like to see Chaz Green win the job, but I've got to give credit to Cooper. Playing with the starters on Saturday night, he looked just fine to me. And if Cooper wins the starting job, it frees up Green to be both a swing tackle and an insurance policy for Tyron Smith. It doesn't look like the coaching staff is quite ready to choose a starter just yet, but I find myself leaning toward Cooper these days.

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