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Mailbag: Determining The Starting RT? Was There Interest In Reuben Foster?

I am most interested in the training camp battle to replace Doug Free.  Will the Cowboys be content for the replacement player to be someone already on the team or will they be forced to look elsewhere for a new player?

Bryan: The starter will come from Byron Bell, Chaz Green or moving La'el Collins outside.

David: I think Bell is the insurance policy in that entire equation. Obviously, the preference would be that Green – who the Cowboys spent a top-100 draft pick on – grabs the job. If he doesn't, then Bell gives you an experienced option on the right side. Like they keep saying, I don't think the Cowboys want to move La'el Collins. But they can try that as a last resort if nothing else sticks.

Reuben Foster, a supposedly top five talent in the draft by many, was there at 28 when the Cowboys were drafting. Did they even consider taking him? Or have they decided not to take him after the issues Randy Gregory has had?

Bryan: There was talk about him here after the failed test, because the belief was that he wouldn't have been there. The closer it got to the draft, the more the talk switched back to defensive end. His health was a concern but not a major one for the team.

David:Combine the red flags – injuries, behavioral issues – with the fact that linebacker isn't a huge need on this team, and I just don't think there was a ton of interest. I don't know for sure if Foster was off their draft board, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was.


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