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Mailbag: Dez Bryant Or Greg Hardy? Using Two Running Backs?

With all of the talk about Dez's contract and possible holdout, it leads me to ask the question: If Greg Hardy is the player we all think he is and has a great season, and if we can only overpay for one, who do you keep? Hardy or Dez?

Bryan: I think this is a great question because I get how important it is to have a pass rusher. You are talking about two elite players but with the way this defense is currently set up with guys like Lawrence, Mincey and Gregory - I feel like a have a better chance to have success without Hardy than I do playing without Bryant. 

David: My answer might change if Hardy played a full season and racked up an impressive amount of sacks. Simply put, I think it's harder to find production at pass rusher than receiver. That said, Hardy's suspension highlights a great reason for why I would be reluctant to give him any kind of big deal. Dez has stayed out of off-the-field trouble for several years now, and he's more than proven himself on the field. He's also become one of the true leaders and heartbeats of this team. And you can't forget the fact that the Cowboys have spent expensive draft picks on Hardy's position in the recent past. I'd have to go with Dez.


With such a wide diversity of abilities at running back, do you see Dallas using a 2-back system from time to time?

Bryan:Sure, but it's really a one-back offense because the way they use the tight ends. Having Hanna on the field to me is a better option than having Clutts on the field. If you are also asking if we would see both Randle and McFadden on the field together I would say no but paired with Dunbar better chance 

David: Strictly speaking, you can expect to see multiple backs, especially since I really like Tyler Clutts' odds of making the team. I'm not sure I'd expect to see many formations with two actual running backs, as I think the Cowboys prefer a more decisive, downhill approach. 

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