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Mailbag: Dez's Contract Situation & Chemistry?; 5 More Years for Romo, Witten?


Do you think that the lack of a contract extension for Dez Bryant is hurting the team chemistry in the locker room?

Bryan: I really don't believe it is at all. Bryant has done a nice job of putting his team before his business and that is something that you often don't see from players in this day and age. To a man those players know that Bryant will be ready when the time comes and his leadership will be just as strong whether he gets that extension or plays under the tag. I still believe that both sides will find common ground.

Rob: I don't think it's hurting the team now, and I don't think it will going forward. Dez has sent an encouraging message by dropping by Valley Ranch in some capacity this offseason, even if he doesn't participate in the voluntary OTA's or the mandatory minicamp without a signed franchise tag or a new deal in place. Business is business, but he wants to win so badly – it's clearly hard for him to stay away. Mickey's column last week really illustrated his perspective and his relationship with teammates.


Do you really see Tony Romo and Jason Witten playing four to five more seasons?

Bryan: I would never bet against either Romo or Witten, but listening to the Pro Bowl tight end talk about the possibility put a smile on my face. I said on Twitter the other day that I felt like Romo had two really good years left in him but I could be very wrong about that. I do worry about his back and the wear and tear that he goes through during a season. With Witten I am not too sure of how long he can play because just when I think he is slowing down, he develops a new area of his game like his run blocking.

Rob: It's possible, and to me, it would be cool if the two of them rode into the sunset together like Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan apparently plan to do in San Antonio one of these decades. Witten keeps himself in such tremendous condition, and he's so savvy in finding soft spots in coverage, that I can see him playing into his late 30s the way Tony Gonzalez did even when his physical skills began to diminish. Romo is naturally more of a question mark for five more years given his back history, but the Cowboys have built an offensive line that could extend his career by years. Here's a question back at you: Do both make the Ring of Honor on their current track? That seems possible, too.


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