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Mailbag: Dez's Effect On Dak? Faith In The Cowboys' Young Safeties?



It seems that the decision to release Dez is more about Dak than it is about Dez. Do you think the coaches feel Dak can be more successful (and accurate) with the current lineup of WRs now that he doesn't have to target Dez?  Or is this release of Dez just business?

Bryan: I don't see that at all. To me this is more about personality than it is ability. There were folks tired of Bryant and they were willing to move on. When you don't offer a pay cut that's all I needed to know. 

David:As is always the case with this type of stuff, I don't think it was any single factor. But think back to Stephen Jones' comments from January, about how Dez's behavior can be distracting. I don't think it's a stretch to think that the Cowboys were tired of such a dominating personality, especially when they're trying to develop a 24-year-old quarterback.



Is Xavier Woods expected to get more reps in center field at FS this year? That's what he did in college, but a lot of his 2017 reps with the Cowboys were in the slot or closer to the line of scrimmage. Given that the Cowboys need a play maker in center field, it seems like a natural fit.

Bryan: You answered your own question. They do need a true free safety and Woods is going to get the first crack at the job. His skill set does reflect that type of player. 

David:I'm very curious about the safety position. Far be it from me to doubt the ability of Xavier Woods and Kavon Frazier, but it is curious that they haven't added to the position at all heading into the draft. That makes me wonder if they're planning to spend a big pick on a safety – or whether they have a lot of trust in Woods and Frazier to do the job.

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