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Mailbag: Dez's Impact In The Playoffs? Handling The RBs In 2017?

In the meeting earlier this season against Green Bay, Dez Bryant did not play and Dallas won. What type of effect do you think Dez will have this Sunday against the Green Bay defense?

Bryan: I see the Packers treating him like they did Odell Beckham Jr. They will likely travel with him and put that safety over the top. They will likely take Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and shade him the other way.

David:The big thing I'm watching this week is the health of the Packers' defensive backs. Demarious Randall played against the Giants, but Quinten Rollins was sidelined. On top of that, Green Bay has three other corners on injured reserve. Dez's presence can only help take advantage of that weakness, as the Cowboys' other receivers should have plenty of one-on-one matchups.

What do you think the Cowboys will do with their surplus of running backs?  Is this Darren McFadden's last year on his contract?  If it is his last year do you see them re-signing him?  He seems to have more of burst than Alfred Morris, don't you think?

Bryan: More complete player when it comes to run/catch/block. I could see McFadden wanting to come back because he likes it here and they like him. Now they've lost Jackson will need a back to replace him if they don't draft.

David:It's not really a surplus anymore, in my opinion. Darren McFadden's contract expires after the season, and Darius Jackson is a Cleveland Brown. Alfred Morris is under contract through 2017, but it's not a sizable deal. I could see them brining McFadden back for cheap and either keeping or dropping Morris. They might even draft another runner in the late rounds of the draft – or try to find one in undrafted free agency.


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