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Mailbag: Dez Trying To Return Too Quickly? Weeden's Future In Dallas?


After initial reports had Dez out for around 10 weeks, do you think it's wise to try and rush him back so quickly? Or do you think this is a desperation move by Jerry Jones?*

Nick: First of all, I don't think this is a Jerry Jones move. And don't forget the amount of money they spent to lock up Dez for many years. Do you really think anyone is so desperate that they'll rush him back too early and jeopardize his health long-term? And secondly, the "initial" reports were always around six weeks. Now there have been cases of longer, but the Cowboys really haven't wavered with the 6-8 week projection. I would imagine he tries to come back for the Giants game but I'm guessing Seattle on Nov. 1 might be more realistic.  

David: The initial diagnosis was six-to-eight weeks, just for the record. But I do think you have a point. I can't think of many things that are more important to a wide receiver than his feet and legs, and I do worry about Dez pushing himself too quickly. I know he's a super-human athlete, and I also know how desperate he is to help his team. I know the medical staff won't clear him unless he's healthy, so that mitigates some of my concern. But a setback would be devastating, so it bears close monitoring.

Do you see Brandon Weeden as a Cowboy in the future? I am not asking if he is the future after Romo, I think we all know the answer to that one. (No he is not) I know he is in a contract year and he is a pretty solid backup and could spend the rest of his career here as the backup. Even when we bring in a young gun. Do you see us re-signing him after this season?

Nick: That's not an easy question to answer, but it'd be harder if he wasn't playing right now. At least we're getting a good idea about what he can do. I think if he were just sitting behind Romo all season and then the Cowboys had to make a decision, it'd be more difficult. But right now, there isn't really a young prospect that they're trying to groom. I'm sure you could say Jemeill Showers, but he's not really even getting scout-team reps at quarterback. So I think Weeden has a shot to return as long as he continues to make progress here as the backup. They're not asking him to be Romo, but he does need to prove he can keep this going and win a few games in this stretch.

David: That's a great question, and it's a bit hard to predict. I think the Cowboys will certainly want a seasoned backup behind Romo for the duration of his career – that's been their strategy for the last four or five years. His injury concerns are too big to leave that position up to an inexperienced player. Between Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden, I'd bet that one of the two will wind up back in Dallas next year. Even if the Cowboys draft a quarterback in the near future, they'll want someone with experience behind their starter.


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