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Mailbag: Difference Between Beasley's Catch & Dez's? Linehan & Dak?

Is it me or was Beasley's first touchdown exactly what Dez was doing in the playoffs? Reaching for the goal line?

Bryan: From my seat – I thought they were going to overturn the play. I still don't know what a catch is, but now I always assume that if the ball moves it's not a catch. I felt like they caught a break there to be honest.

David:I honestly think that Cole's saving grace was that he broke the plane of the end zone and scored a touchdown. If you consider him an established runner, then the play ended as soon as the ball crossed the goal line. Touchdown. If you'll recall, Dez did not actually reach the end zone and I think that was the determining factor. If he had broken the goal line, I think that famous catch likely would have held up.

Do you guys think that some of the success the Cowboys are seeing on offense is the result of having a quarterback follow Scott Linehan's game plan and adjustments, vs. Tony Romo having more latitude to change the play at the line? It seems that Romo was always changing plays, which I'm sure can be a good thing at times, but maybe he relied more on what he saw than what the OC saw. They seem to be calling and executing the right play at the right time right now.

Bryan: There is no question that when you are a play caller and you are dealing with a quarterback that has seen it all – your calls are going to be changed. I believe that Dak Prescott has been a breath of fresh air for Scott Linehan in a good way.

David:I think that's a really fantastic point. But it's also worth considering just how well this run game is clicking right now, and I think that makes everything else work as a result. It's easy to get in a rhythm when your ground game keeps picking up chunks.

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