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Mailbag: Different Role For Randle? Grading The Young Linebackers?


I've noticed that in Randle's career, the fewer the carries he has, the better he looks. Last year, he came in on very limited carries and excelled. This year at the beginning of games, he looks phenomenal, but as the carries stack up, the YPC start to dwindle. I'm beginning to think that he only does well as a reliever with limited carries, and can't handle the volume of carries as a starter. What do you guys think?*

Bryan: I don't think it's the volume of carries that gives him problems – it's the decisions that he makes with the ball in his hands. The more he has to carry the ball the more he has to think about what he is doing. This is where he gets exposed as a runner. You point is correct – the limited amount of carries actually helps him because then he just runs.

David:There's probably something to be said for Randle coming in with fresh legs and running against a defense worn down by DeMarco Murray. He doesn't have that luxury in 2015. I'm not sure it's got anything to do with volume, though, when you consider he's only averaging 15 carries per game.


How would you grade our young LB corps that played on Sunday night? (Hitchens, Gachkar, and Wilson) I thought they played really well together.

Bryan: If you had a chance to read what I wrote before that Saints game you would have had an idea that the linebackers were going to play well. The Saints really struggled up front with run thru or active linebackers. If Sean Lee had not got injured – I felt like that he was due to have a huge game much like the way that Hitchens played.  

David:I don't think you can say enough about how much Hitchens as developed, not just as a player, but as a leader who knows how to captain the defense. Obviously, all anyone is going to remember is Wilson's missed assignment against C.J. Spiller, but he had played a solid game before that. With Sean Lee and Rolando McClain hopeful to play on Sunday, that trio gives the Cowboys a fantastic amount of depth at linebacker.

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