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Mailbag: Disappointments About The Offseason?

Our O-Line was great at run blocking and at times great at pass protection. But too many times it felt like the pass protection wasn't where it needed to be. Which of the O-Linemen need to work on pass protection the most?

Bryan: The player that tends to get in the most trouble in his protection technique wise is Doug Free. When he misses with his hands – he generally gets in trouble. Ronald Leary has his problems when he gets over extended. Travis Frederick tends to struggle with quickness. Tyron Smith has his problems with rushers that take him down inside and Zack Martin needs to work on recognizing twist stunts a little sooner.

David: I'm hopeful that a healthy Doug Free can go a long way in this department. Jermey Parnell was great as a replacement last season, but it's not ideal to be missing your starting right tackle for eight weeks of a season. Aside from that, I think everyone knows that Travis Frederick is an absolute mauler in the run game, but I bet he's working to improve his all-around game, starting with pass protection.

Last year, there appeared to a negative vibe from the media and fans for the Cowboys' upcoming season. This year it appears to be just the opposite after the remarkable year the Cowboys experienced. Everything appears positive for the most part. Is there anything that disappointed you guys as far as the draft, offseason work or personnel decisions are concerned?

Bryan: I personally wish that we would have seen this Dez Bryant deal done by now, but I still believe in due time that it will happen. The Rolando McClain knee scope and suspension was bad news and the lack of a ruling in the Greg Hardy case by now has had me disappointed. But you are right – the vibe is overall better going into this season.

David: I know I sound like a broken record, but I'll continue to say that I'm not sold on this running back situation. The front office has said, and will continue to say, that the draft didn't fall right for them at the running back spot – but there was talent there to be attained had they wanted to pull the trigger. Of course, it's entirely possible that I'll be proven wrong by the guys on the roster. On top of that, I am continually impressed at the front office's reluctance to upgrade the talent at defensive tackle. Those criticisms are pretty minor, though. For the most part, I think this offseason has gone incredibly well.


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