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Mailbag: Does Kellen Moore Get A Shot? Problems With The O-Line

I would really like to see Kellen Moore get an opportunity to play over these last few games. Is there any chance of that happening?

Bryan: I don't think he does until the math says that they are no longer in the playoff hunt. I do know that Scott Linehan really likes him so if given the opportunity it might be a good fit. Might as well see what you have going forward for next season.

David:Because this division is so bad, the Cowboys aren't technically out of it yet. Now, you may not want to hear that, but you know Jason Garrett is going to do everything he can to get this team into the postseason. If the Cowboys make some kind of run at it, I think you'll see Matt Cassel the whole way. Otherwise, I think Moore will play when they're mathematically eliminated – maybe Week 16 or Week 17.


Is there any concern about the O-Line? It seems to me Romo either got sacked or hit a lot in the few games he played. I don't think it's talent, so could it be coaching?

Bryan: Why would you not say it's talent? Just pick a game and there have been some issues. The play that Romo got hurt on in Carolina game -- Frederick and McFadden let Thomas Davis through – that can't happen. Running the ball has been inconsistent too – so you can blame them for that as well. They just haven't played as well as they did last season.

David:I think it's a combination of both. Maybe the coaching hasn't been up to snuff, but it's hard to look past the fact that a unit with three Pro Bowlers from last season has struggled so mightily against the run and the pass. I don't think there's some simple, cure-all answer to explain the problems, but it's obvious this group hasn't played up to its expectations.

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