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Mailbag: Does Signing McClain Mean No Myles Jack? Backup QB Options?

With the news of Rolando McClain re-signing for a one-year, do you see a scenario where the Cowboys could still draft Myles Jack and get him on the field? What would be his role his rookie year knowing McClain and Lee are currently in Jack's best positional fits? I'd assume nickel linebacker at the minimum, would it be him and Lee?

David: If the Cowboys want to draft Myles Jack, I don't think signing Rolando McClain is going to stop them. McClain is on a one-year deal, whereas Jack would be drafted to anchor the linebacker corps for the next five-to-eight years. Even if Jack doesn't start as a rookie, I assume he'd be the next-man-up at both Mike and Will linebacker. On top of that he could be useful as a utility man, playing nickel linebacker, Sam linebacker – maybe even some safety.

Rob: I think Jack can play pretty much all over the field – multiple linebacker spots, maybe even some strong safety – and that's why he's getting so much draft buzz despite the knee injury he suffered last year. If we're talking No. 4, I think he'd have to be the clear-cut top player on the board because the Cowboys did cover themselves by agreeing to terms with McClain. However, I don't think re-signing McClain should preclude them from drafting a linebacker at some point if the opportunity presents itself.



Priority No. 1 this offseason was to upgrade the backup QB situation. As of yet, it hasn't been addressed and the list of viable candidates gets smaller each day. Who is still out there that is an upgrade?*

David: It's pretty puzzling, I agree. I think the Cowboys need to do everything they can to upgrade the quarterback position, but a lot of the preferable targets are already gone. We know they're hosting Matt Moore this week, so maybe that'll lead to something. I wouldn't agree with this decision, but it wouldn't shock me at all to see them go forward with Kellen Moore as their backup and draft a developmental No. 3 next month.

Rob:Matt Moore is scheduled to visit today and he's a player Jason Garrett coached in his first preseason as the Cowboys' offensive coordinator back in 2007. Moore has won games in this league – 13-12 as a starter, (though no starts since 2011) and .500 is a realistic expectation from your backup over a long stretch, in my opinion. He would be viewed as direct competition for Kellen Moore and possibly an upgrade from an experience standpoint. You are right - the market isn't deep for quarterbacks. No matter what they end up doing, I don't think it should eliminate quarterback as a draft need.

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