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Mailbag: Does The Allen Hurns Addition Change Cowboys' Draft Strategy?

With the signings of Hurns and Thompson, do you think this takes the Cowboys out of a possible selection of Calvin Ridley, or possibly DJ Moore at pick No. 19? They could have them learn for a year or more without the pressure of being "the main guy."

Bryan: I don't believe they're done making moves at receiver. With the 30 visits kicking off next Monday, I have heard any change in plans with receivers not coming in like Calvin Ridley or Christian Kirk. So that tells me that when they get on the clock in a month that receiver at 19 is still on the table.

David:I think you'd be crazy to write off wide receiver as a possibility in this draft. We've been talking non-stop about Dez Bryant's future. Hurns is only on a two-year deal. Cole Beasley is in the last year of his deal. If we're looking at the big picture, this is still a position worth taking a look at.

With the flurry of Free Agent acquisitions, which all seem to address a need on this team, are the Cowboys afforded the ability to move around in the draft? Let's say you like Allen Hurns, can you have the *conversation about trading picks 19 and 50 for Derwin James or Roquan Smith, because you addressed the need at WR or O Line?*

Bryan: With 10 selections, I always thought that they were going to move around the draft whether they added players or not. The problem they're facing now is with quarterback-needy teams trying to get inside the top 10, the price of going up could be larger than they want to pay. But I do agree with you on the players you're targeting.

David:I think that's easier said than done, again, because of the steep cost of moving up that high. That said, we're seeing the Cowboys' draft strategy playing out right in front of us. They're addressing the glaring needs with affordable free agents. That's going to free them up to do what they see fit in the draft – whether that's trading up, trading down or selecting the best player possible.

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