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Mailbag: Does This Team Need A Power Back? Corey White's Potential?

Do you see the Cowboys trying to add a big, bruising RB to the roster for short yardage situations. We currently lack that type of RB, unless you see someone we already have that can fill that need.

Rob: It's a good question, and the short-yardage production from DeMarco Murray is the main reason I've been hesitant to say he left a bunch of yards on the field. I think Joseph Randle has the initial burst and the size (210 pounds) to potentially do it. With a small sample size he's shown he can be physical and finish runs. Darren McFadden has a similar frame but generally has been viewed as a speed back who likes to get to the outside. Maybe that's not a fair assessment, though. There's no question someone is going to have to fill Murray's ability to keep the chains moving.

David:It's pretty crazy to consider that this team doesn't have a running back listed bigger than 210 pounds. Who can say if the Cowboys plan to add another running back for sure, but if they don't, it seems like quite a vote of confidence in their offensive line and their tight ends to make it work in short yardage and goal line situations.


Haven't heard much about Corey White lately. How's he looking, and how do you think he'll impact the CB position? Will he play slot or the outside?

Rob: So far we've seen the versatility that White brought over from the Saints. He's lined up at cornerback, working in the slot, and he's also taken some safety reps. It remains to be seen which position Byron Jones plays full time, but the Cowboys are pretty thin on safety depth. Having White there is a bit of a luxury.

David:Like Rob said, a lot of this is going to hinge on where they decide to put Byron Jones for his rookie season. But if we're assuming that Orlando Scandrick is one of the starting outside corners, I think Corey White has a serious shot to earn a big-time role in the slot. That seems even more plausible if Jones winds up at safety, but either way I like his odds to make this roster. You can't have too much experienced depth.

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