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Mailbag: Draft Prospects Worth Trading Up For? Turning Over The WR Corps?


Virginia Beach, VA

Is there any player that could be worth Dallas trading up for in the first round should they drop down close enough?

Bryan: I really like Ridley, the receiver from Alabama, so I'd consider getting him. I just have these thoughts of last year's draft when Jonathan Allen and Malik Hooker came down the board -- both top five guys in my book. You don't know if that's going to happen again? Have to be ready. 

David:I'm not typically interested in trading up. It's just too expensive. But three guys I'd consider going after are Alabama receiver Calvin Ridley, Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith and Florida State safety Derwin James. All three of them are unique talents, and I expect all of them to go far before the Cowboys pick. If one of them starts to slide, I'm interested.



I know it's very early but gut feeling, do you see the Cowboys cleaning house with their WR's like the did the secondary in 2017?

Bryan: Today? No. After the season? Possibility. I think they give this group another run -- coaches included. If things don't work, then you will likely see whole sale changes to the entire operation. 

David:I don't see it this year. I'm on the record as saying I think Dez Bryant will be here in 2018. But I expect the Cowboys to draft a wide receiver this spring, so you could set the stage for a new group. Dez and Terrance Williams' contracts are easy to get out of in 2019, and Cole Beasley will be a free agent next spring. You could certainly see some new faces around here in the coming year.

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