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Mailbag: Drafting A Backup QB? How To Acquire More Draft Picks?

Back up QB has not been discussed enough, and is sneaky a weakness heading into next season.  Any potential development projects that catch your eye in the mid-later rounds?

Bryan:I haven't had a chance to study this quarterback class. My history has always been to take a look at those guys last and generally back-to-back. Promise full reports on the site and on The Draft Show when that happens.

David:I assume the Cowboys are going to sign a veteran free agent, one way or another. But I agree with you that it could be a good idea to draft a young guy late. It's never a bad idea to have a developing quarterback. I asked Dane Brugler this question on "The Draft Show" last week, and he suggested Chad Kelly out of Ole Miss. He's recovering from an ACL injury, but he's highly athletic and has a rocket arm.

I keep hearing about what a deep draft this is going to be.  So how do we get more draft picks, similar to what Bill Walsh did one year in accumulating an incredible amount of them in a similar situation?

Bryan:If you look at the way Walsh pulled that off, he initially had the 18th selection and kept working it down. The key to pulling this off is having teams interested in players at the spot you're selecting. Without that interest it's hard to accumulate enough picks. What people don't remember about this draft is that Walsh wanted to select either John L. Williams, Ronnie Harmon or Gerald Robinson and it happened that all three went before he selected. His plan developed mid-draft and not before.

David:The problem there is the fact that this team is positioned so late in each round. Last year, you could have easily traded back. It's a little bit harder when you're near the back, where trading away the pick can cost you a shot at impact players. You also have to consider that the Cowboys likely want to hold on to the fifth-year option of their first-round pick, so I doubt they'd trade down too far from No. 28. If they're going to gain some additional picks, maybe they can do it in the second or third round. Or maybe they can pull off a trade of Tony Romo.

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