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Mailbag: Drafting A Downfield Threat At TE? Replacing Specials Teams Production?



Would the Cowboys be interested in drafting a TE like **Mike Gesicki**, who is clearly an outstanding athlete who could possibly "split the seam" and be a downfield threat but is also clearly a liability as a blocker?

David:I would love for this offense to find a downfield threat at tight end, but I don't think I see the point right now. We know how much the Cowboys' coaches value blocking, and we know that Jason Witten never comes off the field. That's not likely to change until he retires, which could be in a year – or it could be in three years. It seems like a waste of resources to draft a guy who will only ever have limited opportunities to get on the field. We saw that play out with Gavin Escobar.

Rob:Second round is too early for me to draft a tight end. That's just me. I think you look at drafting one at some point if value is there – I had Indiana's Ian Thomas in our 2-cent mock last Friday – but there are too many other immediate needs on this roster with Jason Witten set to return for a 16th season.



I know that we have made moves to help offset some positions lost in free agency. My question is who replaces the Special Teams production of Keith Smith & Kyle Wilber?

David:Oh, I don't think these guys will have a problem finding special teams production. Jeff Heath and Kavon Frazier come to mind as special teams studs. James Hanna is another guy who plays a big role on a number of different special teams units. We saw what Byron Jones brought to special teams with his athleticism last year. And I'm sure there'll be one or two impressive rookies, as usual. I think they'll be OK.

Rob:You've got 10 draft picks. Those later-round selections, if they can make the team, must find a role on special teams. I would imagine new fullback Jamize Olawale will have a role, too. Byron Jones, Jeff Heath and Kavon Frazier are also back, and they were among the leading tacklers last year.

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