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Mailbag: Drafting A QB In The Later Rounds? Need vs. Best Player?

If the Cowboys go for a position player at No. 4 do you see a QB like Connor Cook or Carson Wentz being available near the bottom of the first or at their pick in the second?

Bryan: I think that Cook would be there but not so sure about Wentz. You might have to trade ahead of Houston to grab a quarterback but I could also see them just sitting there and taking the Penn State quarterback. The price of that is likely going to cost you the 2 + 3.

David:I think this question is a big part of why the quarterback debate is so spirited. There are going to be quarterbacks available later in the draft, but how good will they be? There aren't many starting NFL quarterbacks taken after the second or third round who go on to great success. The Cowboys may decide to wait, but the top prospects might not be there if they do.


If Laremy Tunsil is available at No. 4 is that who we take, the best player available, or do we stick to need?

Bryan: With that high of a pick you always want to take the best player on your board. If Tunsil is rated better than the quarterbacks, wide receiver, safety, cornerback and linebacker by all means go that route. What you are trying to do is reduce your margin for error.

David:That's a really fascinating scenario, and I'd be curious about what they'd do. Tunsil might be the best prospect in this draft, and the Cowboys don't really need another tackle – not with Tyron Smith, Doug Free and Chaz Green all under contract for the foreseeable future. Ideally, they'd be able to find a trade partner. If not, I'd rather draft a sure thing at a position I don't need than gamble on a position I do need.

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