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Mailbag: Drafting A Safety In The 1st Round? Veteran Pass Rushers?

Seeing as how several edge and corner prospects will be off the board by the time the Cowboys select in the first round, why not take one of the best strong safeties to pair with Byron Jones, especially with it being a deep draft at those other two positions?

Bryan: There is not a safety worth taking at No. 28 unless his name is Malik Hooker or Jamal Adams. There will likely be a better defensive end, cornerback or maybe a tight end that could help just as much. 

David:You don't have to convince me that a safety would be a good idea – but I do wonder about how the board will shake out. Malik Hooker and Jamal Adams will be long gone. You could talk me into Budda Baker, or maybe Obi Melifonwu at No. 28 – but that might be a reach for both guys. However they decide to address it, I think safety should be one of their first three picks in this draft.

I think, like everyone, I was hoping to land DeMarcus Ware for a solid veteran and leader on the defensive line. What about Long or Freeney? They were still productive and might come at a discount. Or even Erik Walden out of Indianapolis? He had 11 sacks last year.

Bryan: I like what they did signing Damontre Moore. His Seattle tape was by far the best of his career. Dallas plays a similar scheme, so that's your hope. They will also grab a guy during the draft and that should help.  

David:We've seen guys like Chris Long and Dwight Freeney excel for a couple of years now, so I'm not going to try to convince you it wouldn't work. But that's just not what the Cowboys are looking for, for one reason or another. Across the board, it seems like their goal is to be younger. That's why I think it's far more likely you see them draft someone next month.

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