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Mailbag: Drafting Competition For Backup QB Spot?


Is Cooper Rush a lock at the No. 2 quarterback spot? Do you think the Boys draft a quarterback in the later rounds to at least push Rush? – JAMES JORDAN / CONVERSE, TX

Nick: I wouldn't think anything other than Dak is a lock at quarterback right now. To me, Rush has done enough to ease any short-term concern if he has to play. Winning one game in Minnesota, in that environment and the way he rallied the team back, gives me reason to think he'd be fine if that situation occurred again. Now, anything longer than 3-4 weeks when teams start to get a better read on him, and I wouldn't be as comfortable with that. Then again, if Dak misses a quarter of the season, it's hard to think any backup would step in without issues. But I do believe the Cowboys could give Rush some competition if they draft someone in the middle rounds. Nothing is set in stone right now and that's probably the way it should be.

David: At this time last year, I was convinced Garrett Gilbert would be the backup moving forward, so while I do think Cooper Rush will have the job in 2022, I don't want to write it in stone just yet. Don't forget about Will Grier, the former third-round pick the Cowboys picked up at the end of last preseason. I expect Grier to compete for that job, and his presence on the roster is why I'm not really expecting the front office to draft a quarterback this weekend.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame made significant changes to its bylaws for the next three election cycles. The Hall's Board of Trustees approved increasing the number of senior finalists from one to three per year for 2023, 2024 and 2025. What are your thoughts in the chances now for Everson Walls and/or Chuck Howley to finally get into the Hall of Fame? – CHRIS AMES / FORT MYERS, FL

Nick: All I know is this – Everson Walls was sent to Minnesota a few years ago as a Hall of Fame finalist. He had his family in a hotel room and waited for the knock that never happened. To me, if you get that close, you should probably find your way into the Hall of Fame at some point in the near future. He's deserving to me and I would hope he gets in. I can't say I've seen Chuck Howley play it sounded like he was an amazing player. I just don't recall his name even being close to a finalist over the years. That doesn't make it right, it makes me think Howley isn't as close as we think he should be. But yes, hopefully opening up the senior finalists will help get these guys in there.

David: It can't hurt. The main issue I see is that virtually every team in the league has a handful of senior candidates who are deserving of consideration. But the Cowboys are one of the most visible and legendary franchises in the league, and they seem to carry a certain amount of gravitas with Hall of Fame voters. I don't know if that means they'll get in right away, but the increase in available spots has to help their chances.

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