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Mailbag: Drafting Running Back Depth? Having Faith In Jeff Heath?

Last year, the Cowboys drafted Darius Jackson in the sixth round when they had Zeke, McFadden, Dunbar, and Morris on the roster. Now with three bigger-named halfbacks instead of four this year, can you see the Cowboys going ahead and picking another halfback in the later rounds like they did with Jackson?

Bryan: I could see them adding a running back. I really like Kareem Hunt from Toledo and Curtis Samuel from Ohio State. Not sure they qualify as late round but they're complete backs that would be really nice fits. 

David:I think it'd be really smart to add a quality young guy – whether that's with a draft pick or a priority free agent, ala Thomas Rawls in Seattle a few years ago. Darren McFadden will turn 30 soon, and Alfred Morris was benched last season. I'd like to have a young, versatile guy in the wings behind Ezekiel Elliott – both as a change of pace and as an insurance policy.

Why are people doubting Jeff Heath's ability to play safety full time? He ran the 40 in 4.40, and I think he plays faster when he is on the field. He is around the ball constantly when he is in for a play or so. We talk about ball hawking safeties yet he may be the best ball hawking safety we had with limited playing time.

Bryan: You're preaching to the wrong guy. I was a Heath fan when the majority of the fans wanted to move on from him. I still see them using a rotation of safeties in these games in order to have as many guys ready as possible. 

David:It's inarguable that Heath is one of the Cowboys' most improved players over the last two or three years. That said, we were still watching him in a limited role. He played in 23 percent of the Cowboys' defensive snaps last year, as opposed to the 88 percent Barry Church played when he was healthy. It's possible he can make the jump to full-time safety, but I'm just the type that needs to see it before I believe it. And I certainly think it'd be smart for the Cowboys to find him some competition before handing him the job.

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