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Mailbag: DT Position Battle? Should Romo Play In San Francisco?


With all the focus on rushmen and using ends as under-tackles, is there room on the roster for a guy like Ken Bishop behind Hayden who defends the run well and pressures the pocket without necessarily getting stats? Or am I just making a case for my pet cat? *

Nick: Well, he's been my pet cat as well. So far he's been solid, but nothing too flashy. Then again, a big, run-stopping tackle doesn't show up all the time in practice. There is room for Bishop but he'll probably have to beat out Davon Coleman, and right now, I'd say Coleman has been a little better.

David: I'd say there's probably room for four defensive tackles on this roster, and I think three of them – Nick Hayden, Tyrone Crawford and Terrell McClain – are guarantees. That's going to leave a competition between Bishop and Coleman. But it's also worth remembering that the Cowboys are looking at Jack Crawford and Ryan Russell as tackles right now. So it'll be interesting to see how that shakes out.


Should Dallas consider sitting Romo against the 49ers with the fact that Tyron Smith and quite possibly Doug Free aren't playing? I know they probably want Romo to see some playing time this preseason, but I would rather them err on the side of caution with the O-Line at less than 100 percent.

Nick: If Romo's next game is the Giants, I think he'll be fine. That probably won't happen because the starters tend to play in the dress rehearsal game in Week 3 of the preseason. That's probably all the work he needs. But if Tyron isn't playing, then I wouldn't feel comfortable putting Romo out there.

David:Tyron, Free and Dez likely aren't going to play in that game, so I see no reason why Romo should, either. Those guys are all cornerstones of the team, and they don't need a lot of preseason work. Sit him in San Francisco, and let him play one half in the third game. He shouldn't need much else. 

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