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Mailbag: Eagles' Offensive Gameplan? Best Front Office Decision?

After watching the Eagles' games this year I have noticed that a lot of their passes are quick slants and WR screens. Everything seems to be close to the line of scrimmage allowing their WRs and RBs to get the ball and try to get yards after the catch. What will the Cowboys do to defend against this kind of offensive gameplan? Will they use more dime and play tight man and depend on their corners to make tackles in space? If this is the case will Anthony Brown see a lot of playing time due to his tackling ability?

Bryan: The Eagles do like to get the ball out quick. Wentz is at his best when he can play this way. Make him hold it and you have a chance for a negative play. I don't know how much dime they will actually play in this game. I think more nickel but Brown will be in the mix during the game. 

David:I said it earlier this week, and I'll repeat myself. Even with Lane Johnson suspended, I'm not that confident in the Cowboys' pass rush to consistently get home against Philadelphia. Instead, I'd love to see them clog the field and create some tough throwing lanes for a rookie quarterback playing on the road. If it can work against Aaron Rodgers, I think it might work well against Carson Wentz. I expect them to keep everything in front of them and – as usual – try to give up yards, but not points.

What has been Dallas' best front office decision this year: deciding to keep Ronald Leary and the offensive line intact, or not trading for veteran QB Josh McCown and going with Dak Prescott?

Bryan: It has to be drafting Ezekiel Elliott. Not many front offices would have taken a running back that high, but in my opinion they stuck to what they believed and had a plan for him. Prescott to be honest was a gift and they would admit that. 

David:Back when Kellen Moore got hurt, I went as far as to write a column about how the Cowboys needed to stop being stupid and go after Nick Foles. I don't think even the front office knew how smart they'd wind up looking at the time, considering Stephen Jones admitted that they'd been looking at multiple veteran quarterbacks. But you still have to give them credit for staying the course and having faith in the coaching staff to get Prescott ready. It's worked out beautifully.


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