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Mailbag: Earl Thomas' Post Game Comments? Too Much Criticism Of Dez?



I haven't seen any mailbag questions regarding Earl Thomas so here it goes; what would it take to get him? Could you trade Bryon Jones and a second-round draft pick for him and if so, would you do it?

Bryan: No, I wouldn't trade for Earl Thomas. If he's serious about playing in Dallas, let's see if Seattle releases him and how much he wants to play here. He can talk all he wants but he also has to be realistic about the situation when it comes to the business side. 

David:Obviously, in a perfect world, I'd love to get Earl Thomas – I just don't know how realistic is. Thomas is entering the last year of his contract, which is set to pay him $8.5 million. It sounds awfully steep to give up a premium draft pick and roughly $10 million – all for one year of service. If Seattle opts to release Thomas, then we can talk. But I don't think a trade is realistic.



My question is why is everyone giving Dez such a hard time? He does all the little things that others receivers don't do, like block. Should he be more productive yes, but when he is on the field he is still a threat and that opens things up for the rest of the receivers. When we are running the ball more than 50 percent of the time, how is he supposed to get all of these catches we are asking of him. He isn't the only person running routes. To me the bigger question is, where has Cole Beasley been?

Bryan: Cole Beasley is one of the great mysteries of the season. I will say that opponents have made it a point to take him away at times but that's not always the case. He and Prescott just haven't been able to connect as they did last year and that's affected other areas of the offense. 

David:Dez is an easy scapegoat because he makes a lot of money and he has dropped a lot of catchable balls this year. Obviously, there are a lot of reasons why the passing game struggled in 2017. Dak Prescott didn't have a great year. Cole Beasley never got established as a reliable part of the offense. Tyron Smith's health had a big impact. But people tend to look for the easiest target. Brandon Carr wasn't the worst corner on this team, either – but he made the most money. That's the way it tends to go.

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