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Mailbag: Easiest & Hardest Positions To Fill In The Draft? Thoughts On Ronnie Harrison?



After hearing you guys talk on The Draft Show, I never hear you talk about Ronnie Harrison as being a possibility for us. Why is that? I personally love his game and I think he could be a solid fit.

Bryan:I don't know how to say this? There is a side of me that doesn't have a problem with Harrison at all, but there are some concerns. What I am trying to figure out is where to play him? I have him with the strong safeties, but if you look at his overall traits, he might be better as a free? Even though he plays with his eyes, I see quarterbacks move him out of position. Plus, there are snaps where he is too aggressive and will over run the play. On the other hand, he is physical at the point and you can play him in the slot in coverage.

David:I like Harrison's physicality and ability as a tackler, but I'm not convinced he brings anything from a coverage standpoint that this team doesn't already have. I think pick No. 19 is a bit too rich for him, but he'll likely be long gone by pick No. 50.



Playing the devil's advocate here, because no position is easy, but if you had to choose.  What's the hardest position to fill and easiest on offense and defense?  Position, not player, i.e., LT is hardest.  Strong side LB is the easiest.

Bryan:Quarterback will always be the most difficult position to fill on offense and running back the easiest. On defense, your rush defense end is always a problem while cornerbacks come in all shapes and sizes so they tend to be easier to find.

David:Quarterback is the white whale for any successful football team. Everyone knows that. No disrespect to running backs, but you can find them littered throughout the draft. I would argue that a top-notch cornerback is one of the hardest things to find in this sport, whereas you can find quality linebacker player all over the place.

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