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Mailbag: Effect Of Shane Ray's Arrest On Draft Stock?; Faith In The Backups?

With the possible surgery and now the marijuana possession charge, I've seen Shane Ray's draft projections drop from top-10 to late first round (even past the Cowboys). If he actually drops, do we sprint up to the podium with his name on the card? Does the potential of having two of our pass rushers unavailable to start the season act as too much of a deterrent (along with the other issues) or can we try to make due and wait for the cavalry to arrive as the season presses on?

Bryan:If they are comfortable with all of the medical information and the recent troubles with the law – then they should take the player if he is there. If it was me, I still would see who is on that board at 27 before I make that call. I could take a runner or a cornerback there and really help my team too.

David: It'd be hard to turn down the chance to draft an early difference maker at a position of such sore need, but you've got to weigh everything out. If you're satisfied that the recent arrest isn't an indicator of future trouble, and you're not worried about his foot, then go ahead and draft him. Like we keep saying though, I wouldn't draft him just because defensive end is a need. Draft him because he's the best player available, otherwise draft the guy who is.

With about 16 defensive line players on the roster and about 12 linebackers, does the team not have faith in any of these guys? Why keep saying we need help on DL or LB? Why even carry these other guys. Seems like a waste of time and money.

Bryan: Because you never stop trying to improve the guys you have. There are very few spots on this roster where you are really married to the guy - this front office knows that. Collect as many names as you can then use the OTAs and minicamps to sort out the ones you want to take to training camp and work from there. It is the reason why they have developed some depth at certain positions.

David:The business of the NFL is all about maximizing the talent on your roster and continuously looking for improvements. The Cowboys have a lot of guys at those positions because they're trying to give themselves the best odds to improve those positions. That said, the vast majority of them are not proven commodities, and likely aren't as good as a high draft pick would be. The idea is to bring as many guys as possible to training camp and determine the best group possible.

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