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Mailbag: Efforts To Improve The Pass Rush? What's The Future At Backup QB?

We have to get to the quarterback, so is there any discussion on how to improve our pass rush or are we going to just blitz more with a change up in pass protection on the back end?

Bryan:  The ball is always going to come out of these quarterbacks' hands quickly. Where they were able to get pressure before was with coverage. You're down Claiborne, and Scandrick is still banged up but fighting through things. Blitzing Cousins was not going to be good because you needed bodies in coverage to try and slow him down. I will also say that his numbers when they did blitz him were good. That's a rare passing team you just played. They're going to make you look bad. 

David:By the time you're nearing December, your team pretty much is what it is. The trade deadline has passed, and the free agent pool is pretty limited. The Cowboys' best bet for improvement is to get Barry Church and Morris Claiborne back from injury and keep trying to clog those throwing lanes. We've seen it work against the likes of Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers. It's not an ideal strategy, but it is what it is. I don't think you're going to see this defense look quite as bad as it did on Thanksgiving, as Washington is one of the top passing offenses in this league. But the pass rush isn't going to improve drastically. The Cowboys will have to make do.

Assuming that Tony Romo won't be on the team next year, do you think the Cowboys will stick with Mark Sanchez and Kellen Moore as their backup quarterbacks, or do you think they will go after another veteran?

Bryan: Very good question here. I would like to believe they roll with Sanchez, but Moore is supported by Linehan. Neither has had huge success recently, so it's a matter of who would give you the best chance to win a game or two if Prescott had to miss. Coaches' opinions carry a lot of weight around here, so keep that in mind too. 

David:As long as Scott Linehan is here, I don't think you can write of Kellen Moore. That said, Mark Sanchez is an affordable, experienced veteran who seems to fit the locker room. Moore has two career starts compared to Sanchez's 72. Experience is what you want behind a young guy like Dak Prescott. If it were up to me, I'd sign Sanchez to an affordable veteran deal in the spring and let Moore seek an opportunity elsewhere.


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