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Mailbag: Eligibility Rules For Practice Squad? Showers' Shot At The 53?


What determines if a player is eligible to be put on the practice squad? If you had to make the call today, which 10 players would you choose?*

David: There are rules in place to limit the practice squad to younger, developmental players. For instance, a practice squad player cannot have spent more than three seasons on NFL practice squads, with a "season" counting as at least six games on the practice squad. Secondly, each NFL club may sign up to two practice squad players who have accrued two free agency seasons – which is to say, they were on an active NFL roster for more than eight games.

Bryan:You have to think about how you are going to conduct practice once you get in the season. You have to have a certain number of players at each position to make that happen. It's hard to answer who will make up these spots because there are still guys that are battling for spots on the 53 -- plus there might be a player or two off other rosters that they would like better. 


What are the chances of Jameill Showers making this roster as a special teams player -- such as a gunner on kickoff? He seems to be making or around the tackle every time he's on the field. Plausible or just not happening?

David:As we stand right now, I'm not convinced this team has any business carrying three quarterbacks. So I'm not ready to bump Showers to the 53 just yet. But I will say, if he continues to make it a competition with Dustin Vaughan, and he continues to excel in multiple special team spots, I'd certainly say it's plausible.

Bryan:If you keep him as the third quarterback that's his best way to make this team. You could keep him on the roster if you think that he is better than say, Danny McCray, as that second core special team player -- so there are a couple of different options that way. 

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