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Mailbag: Elliott An Option At No. 4? Predicting Brandon Carr's Future?

Would you have a problem with the Cowboys drafting Ezekiel Elliott with their first round pick?

Bryan: I wouldn't have a problem with it at all. Next to Myles Jack, he is my next-highest rated player. If you are looking for a player that has few holes in his game and could be a difference maker – Elliott is your guy. He is a plug-and-play guy for me in this draft.

David: I'm very confident that the Cowboys would be reluctant to draft a running back at No. 4 overall, but I'd have no problem with it whatsoever. Elliott is ridiculously talented, and he's also well-rounded. He can catch and he can block. Behind this line, with a healthy Tony Romo in the lineup, I think he'd be the odds-on favorite for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. It'd be a big contract to give a running back, but the Cowboys would have a reliable 1,000-yard back for the next five years. If I'm getting that kind of production for the foreseeable future, I don't care about his second contract. But that's just me.


With all of the chatter about Carr most likely being a cap casualty release, would you guys know if the two sides are talking a new deal? I mean based on everything I read, Carr is the "right kinda guy" for this football team. Why not rip up his current contract and spread that cap hit over a couple more years? Statistics are not one-sided, and he's needed for depth, for mentoring younger players, and his character never comes into question.*

Bryan: I have my doubts about him actually being a cap casualty. I could see them riding this out and washing their hands of him after the season. If you were going to use your plan, they should have done that last season and they didn't. By the way, I do not disagree with you about the character and what he brings to the locker room. He is a model person and teammate.

David: Everything you just said is part of the reason why I think Carr will be with the Cowboys in 2016. Everyone was trying to cut him last year, but he hung around and played all 16 games. Maybe the Cowboys do cut him, but I have confidence they'll try to find a way to make it work. Even if he takes a pay reduction, he'd still likely be paid better here than he would be on the open market. I'm not convinced his time in Dallas is over just yet.


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