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Mailbag: Expanding The Game Day Roster? Keep The O-Line Intact?


With the violence of football, and the NFL trying to keep the game safe, why not expand the rosters? At least expand the game day roster to the 53 players actually on the roster. I understand players want to play, and coaches want their best players out there, but at least they'll have someone to replace them with.

Bryan: The reason that the league does this is that one team might have an advantage over the other due to their health. There would be games where players 47 through 53 on one team are ready to play and contribute, but, on the other hand, the opponent's 47 to 53 might be struggling and are just keeping players on the roster one to three weeks so they don't lose them for the season.

Rob: I could see that. There's been speculation about increasing the rosters from 53 to 55 players. Of course, that means a little less money per player to spread around. It would certainly help coaches who see attrition build up by December every year.


*I love the addition of La'el Collins. How are we going to sign and keep all of these No. 1 picks on the offensive line? Can we afford to keep them all and still field a competitive team? *

Bryan: My guess is that you will not be able to sign them all, and this front office will have to make a decision on who to keep. The key here is that they are spaced out and not all in one big group which make it really difficult. That's why drafting and signing guys like Collins is important to maintain what you have started.  

Rob: That's exactly why the Cowboys are being prudent with some of their free agent decisions: letting Dwayne Harris and Bruce Carter walk; drawing a financial line with DeMarco Murray and sticking to it; signing Tyron Smith and Sean Lee to what many consider team-friendly deals. The front office has worked hard to clean up their cap situation and they're always looking several years down the road as it pertains to their flexibility. The good news with these O-Line guys: Smith is signed through 2023, Martin through 2018, Frederick through 2018, Collins through 2017. 

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